Meeting An Inspiration

Posted in misc on February 1, 2011 by Richard Diaz

When I was in film school there were two things that oocured which had a huge impact on me. As the end of my school years came to an end I started realizing that my dream of becoming a filmmaker was no closer than it was when I started film school. Sure I learned a few things but specifically I did not know how to get a film off the ground. I started getting scared and wondered what the future held for me. That is, before two things happened.

I have written about reading Robert Rodriguez’s book “Rebel Without A Crew” and how that was a major influence on me to go out and make my own film. But before that happened I needed a certain spark which came from a commentary track off a laserdisc. Still one of my favorites to this very day, the commentary track to William Lustig’s film ‘Manaic’ featuring himself, Tom Savini, Luke Walter, and Lorenzo Marinelli is just so entertaining and informative on how the film was made on a shoestring with so many “stealing the shots” moments. I started to see that I could make my own film. I was looking at things as what I did not have instead of what I did have. Once I started to see the things I did have access to then everything changed for me.

This past weekend I got to go to a screening of ‘Manaic’ on the big screen and finally got the chance to meet director William Lustig and I could not have been more excited or more thrilled. I tried not to become too much of a fan boy as I explained how much he and his film influenced and helped me. It’s hard in general to explain to someone how much they did have an impact on you. I gave him a copy of ‘Distortion’ as a way of saying thank you. He is one of the reasons why I was able to make my film for only $3.000. But also, why I was even making my film to begin with.

Thank you Bill.

Me with filmmaker William Lustig.


Interview With Christian Toto

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I am so excited to announce that I have a great write up with national film critic and journalist Christian Toto at his website “What Would Toto Watch“. I have been a really big fan of his for a long time now and his appearances on various shows so when this opportunity presented itself I was so ecstatic and grateful. Big thank you to Christian for writing the piece and for the really great chat we had over the phone.

Head on over and check it out HERE

New Interview

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There is a new interview with me over at (re)search my Head on over and check it out as it is one of my favorites. I talk about ‘Dark Light’, ‘Distortion’, and several other projects.

You can check it out HERE

Goodbye Old Friend

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The HVX on the set of ‘Distortion’.

As I wrote recently over at the ‘Dark Light’ blog I bought a new camera. The Panasonic HPX170 which is similar to my last camera the Panasonic HVX200. Almost like an updated version. It has some newer features and a new chip set. I was selling my old camera and luckily found someone interested.

As I packed up the old HVX200 I started getting a little sad. It was my first HD camera. My first P2 camera. I have had it for four years. I was lucky enough to get it right when it came out. I was among the first people to purchase it. Within that time I shot everything with it including commercials, promotional videos, short films, promotional trailers, and of course my first feature film. Let me tell you this little guy was put through the wringer and came out a winner every time. This camera helped me bring several dreams to light.

I know it might seem odd to get a little emotional about an object but it’s more what it represents. Projects which mean a lot to me personally. I am glad it is going to someone who is excited to use it to start making his own projects. I just hope it continues to make dreams happen for others as it did for me.

Goodbye old friend.

Flier Away

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The new 4×6 fliers arrive.

Today I received the promotional fliers. I tried making my own for the recent Sacramento Sci-Fi Horror Show which were … well. The trailer was shown (with a mixed reaction) and I needed something for people to have. Not having anything prior I made and printed a few up on my own. While I liked the design the printing was not great. These new ones I had professionally printed and I am very happy with them. I used a similar design because I think it is sort of eye catching. They are 4 inches by 6 inches. I didn’t want large ones as it’s easier to display small things that people are more likely to put into their bag instead of tossing out. I’m still learning the whole promotional aspect. It is my one weak point. I don’t promote well. Something I’m starting to do more of.

I’ll be putting these out at various events. Hopefully it helps bring attention to the film. First up is this weekend’s Horror Society Film Festival. If any of you are in the area be sure to come out. And if you see me wondering around please say hi.

Speaking of film festivals, I have had a lot of people ask me about where ‘Distortion’ will be showing. I am still working on getting it shown somewhere. It is a slow process. The news will be posted here once it is.

Distortion Trailer At Sacramento Sci-Fi/Horror Show

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Promotional flier for 'Distortion'.

On Saturday September 25th at the Sacramento Sci-Fi/Horror Show there will be a special showing of the ‘Distortion’ trailer as well as a scene from the film with an introduction by Deneen Melody. She will be there promoting several projects including the upcoming web series Western X which will be having the world premiere of the first three episodes on Sunday the 26th. Creator Michael Flores did this very awesome promo for it:

Unfortunately I will not be there but if you will be or are in the area do go. I printed up a few copies of a special lobby card featuring Deneen which will be available at her table for free. She is very sweet so say hi and check out all of her other amazing projects.

Some more ‘Distortion’ news is in the works but also check out the blog for my upcoming film ‘Dark Lighthere.

SlashFilm Reviews The Distortion Trailer

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To say I am a pig in slop is an understatement. And for those of you that may not know that is a very good thing as pigs love their slop. Not only was the trailer showed recently on the big screen at the Horror Society event Woman Of Horror II and I got to introduce it but now the trailer is reviewed by Christopher Stipp who reviews trailers at Like me he loves movie trailers and I just love his pieces on them. So to have him review mine is such a huge thrill. It’s an honest review and he rightly points out a few flaws but has some of the nicest things to say about me which as a struggling filmmaker is like drinking from the Holy Grail and feeling young again.

A truly heartfelt thank you to Christopher and SlashFilm for this. Enough of my babbling. Go check it out!!