Two Days Away

Two days away from shooting the first scene. I keep going over the scene in my head to make sure I know how to shoot it. You want to make sure when you get on set that you know what you want. You can still try things and rethink something but there should also be a basic idea. Luckily it’s a dialogue scene and I let actors handle those. I just shoot basic coverage on those for editing purposes but I don’t get too fancy with the camera with simple scenes. That’s why I cast the right actors.

The only other thing will be lighting. I’m thinking pretty simple lighting but I do want it too look good. To look cinematic. I need to avoid spending too much time on lighting though. For a lot of these scenes, especially on location, I don’t want too much time spent on things. An even amount of time but I don’t want to have to rush through the actual shooting. If it looks a little flat but the actors are giving me gold then I can deal with the flat lighting.

I still need to get Shon’s costume. Nothing fancy. Literally a dark shirt and pants. It must almost be boring. I have an idea in my mind but we still need to get it. Hopefully we’ll find something tomorrow. We only shoot the first scene with him on Sunday.

Almost there.


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