First Day

The first day of shooting has come and gone. As on every other shoot I’ve ever been on that first shot takes forever to get to. I think we started shooting the first scene around the time I was originally planning on finishing it. So we were behind. Plus the bar opened earlier than I thought they did. Not a huge problem except for the occasional bang of a dish from the kitchen or a ringing phone. But as we got closer to finishing the second scene it was an issue. People talking, music, etc. I’m hoping it’s usable. Otherwise we’ll have to reshoot Kimberly’s stuff on another day.

Brenden and Jeff get ready for a take.

Brenden and Jeff get ready for a take.

And if that wasn’t enough of an issue, I had so much stuff with me I’m surprised it fit into my little car. I made sure I had everything I could possibly need. And of course, there is always something forgotten. As I was setting up the camera I realized I had forgotten my tripod. Since we were in a time crunch I did not want to run back home and get it. It would have cost a half hour. So I went handheld on some shots and balanced on chairs for others. I think it’s ok but we’ll see.

The mighty director without a tripod but plenty of coffee.

The actors were fantastic. They showed up and did what they needed to do. Everyone was in good spirits which is how I like to keep things on set. Things can get stressful but if you keep chugging along then it’s not an issue. When sound became a problem we still kept going. I could have gotten upset and wasted time complaining but what would have that gotten us? Instead we plunged ahead and we got both scenes shot.

Mike and Kimberly rehearse.

In the future I am only going to do one scene there in a day. I think it’ll be better. Plus I will have a day that will be a cutaway day. Some of the extra shots I didn’t get yesterday, and may not get on other days, I’ll get then. And if I need to redo Kimberly’s takes then we’ll do it on that day.

So the first day is in the can. The second … I’m not sure. Sunday was going to be the second day but one of the actors had a last minute family thing and isn’t sure he’d make it in time. I know how these things go so that scene is being pushed back a week. There may be some miscellaneous stuff on Monday but I haven’t decided yet.

Production has begun.


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