Day Six

I know the title is day six when technically it’d not exactly a full day. In fact, I think it was maybe two hours. While trying to do things on the producing end (like checking out the police station in the previous post) I didn’t like that so much time had passed without shooting anything. There was a technically simple scene that takes place later in the film that was perfect.

Since it was an exterior with no place to plug in lights I decided to bring along my trusty little lamps I got from Home Depot. The HVX200 is not incredibly light sensitive (unlike the newer HVX200a I believe) so I need a decent amount of light. I had to have both Brenden and Mike have these lamps in their lap and even then exposure was open full. It is a tad darker then I would want but it also lends itself to the look. I know in post I can brighten the footage slightly too. One of the joys of working with HD. You get a lot of latitude with the footage.

Once again Brenden and Mike made my job easier. Outside of a slight hit of the giggles everything went smoothly. They always make my job easier. Outside of minor direction I don’t need to do much but concentrate on the technical aspects. I didn’t go too crazy either. With a scene like this you let the actors carry the scene. No fancy camera work is needed. I shot very simple coverage for the sake of editing but when you have actors on their game you let them do their thing and stay out of the way. That’ll do more to tell the story and reach an audience than any camera trick.

We lost a pick up day at the bar but I hope I can pick that back up again soon. However things look like they could be good for an earlier scene with Brenden and Kimberly. An important scene since it basically establishes their relationship and chemistry. And then it’ll be on with the Gary, IN shoot. A return since the “Macbeth” shoot last September.

The mighty lamp from Home Depot came through again.

The mighty lamp from Home Depot came through again.

Brenden and Mike as George and Sam.

Brenden and Mike as George and Sam.


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