Day Seven And A Half

Friday Brenden and I went back to Gary, Indiana. It was exactly a year ago I was there on the third day of the ‘Macbeth’ shoot. This time we were in the old church and some of the ‘Macbeth’ stuff was still there. Not much but part of the blocks that we used to make the bedroom were still there.

Brenden needed to do a small video bit for the play he is putting on My Name is Rachel Corrie. Afterwards we shot a few things for ‘Distortion’. Nothing really specific as there is no scene that takes place there. I figured it could be worked into a montage perhaps.

Tomorrow is the “date” scene which is an important scene as it helps set up the relationship between the characters George and Danielle. I’m a bit nervous about it but I’m also looking forward to it. I plan on getting normal coverage of it. This is a scene where you let the actors do their thing.

For more information on Brenden’s play go to:


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  1. Been going to the church for years . Seth Thomas RIP

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