Day Eight

Today we shot the “date” scene which is very important for the two lead characters of George and Danielle. The actors, Brenden and Kimberly, did a great job. The downside? Even though we were on the second level there was a very loud cooler at the bar on the first floor. It is very noticable in the takes. I don’t know if I can limit it or not. Or if I can somehow drown it out a little with other noises – restaurant sounds, music, etc. The problem is it’s not a common sound associated with a restaurant. Just a loud hum. I hope I don’t have to ADR it. We’ll see what happens.

For the first time I am starting to feel like we need to get this finished. A little over a third of the film is completed. That leaves a lot left. However, some of the locations I am close to closing have several scenes. Unlike most of the days I’ve already shot these will be longer days. One office location would include three scenes in one day. The police station will also have around six scenes set there. I’m in a time crunch because winter this year is coming early and cold weather will be a factor. Not for the apartment scenes but for other scenes. Plus three of my actors are moving away. And once they’re gone they’re gone. I don’t have money to fly anyone in. I definitely need to get things lined up fast so I can get the film in the can.

The next few weeks will be quite something.


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