Day Nine

The longest day of shooting so far took place this past Sunday. The older I get the more I see how much longer it takes me to bounce back.

We shot at the office in the afternoon. This place will be used for two different locations. On this day it was standing in for the police station. Ironically the actual police station would need a ton of work done to it. Something I can’t do. But an actual office fit in nicely. I figured I’d “dress” it up a bit. I grabbed a street map and the night before made up some phony mugshots. I took some friends and turned them into Chicago’s most wanted. One of them was an added bonus. I love this fake mugshot that filmmaker Adam Green, the writer and director of ‘Hatchet’, has on his MySpace profile. I asked him if I could use it as one of the mugshots. To my delight he said I could.

The Adam Green wanted poster.

The Adam Green wanted poster.

Mike was back as Sam and Marco was there for the character of Doyle. That name comes from ‘The French Connection’ from the Gene Hackman character Popeye Doyle. By the way, Sam’s last name in the film is Blaine. A little trivia, that is Rick’s last name in ‘Casablanca’.

We had two full scenes to shoot. One of them I decided to place over by some cabinets just to change things up a bit. While the other was at the desk. I also did a phone conversation with Mike (I’ll shoot the half with Brenden on a different day). Plus I grabbed some extra shots of him thinking or lost in thought that I could just pop in anywhere in the film. I think it’s good to grab that kind of thing if you can. Even if you’re taking stuff down just to have the actor do something and get a few extra seconds. You never know.

I know its not great but its supposed to look like it was drawn quickly.

I know it's not great but it's supposed to look like it was drawn quickly.

After we were done I went back home to prep for the night shoot. I was already tired which wasn’t good. I knew it was going to be rough. We shot a major scene at Fifty/50 but we had to wait for them to close which was 2am. There was a lot to shoot and halfway through I knew it got to the point where you’re feeling like let’s just get this done. Not good when you’re making a movie. Luckily everyone was in high spirits which definitely helped. There was a lot of fun but it was just tiring. Everyone was great but by the time I left I was definitely out of it. I got home just before 9am. I ate a little breakfast (or is that dinner?) and then tried to sleep but it was rough. Even today I am still recovering.

The cast is full of energy.

Tomorrow we’re at the actual police station. Not sure how this will go. I rewrote the scene to take place there but I will have to make it up as I go still. Should be fun though.


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