Day Ten

Yesterday was the day at the actual police station. Since the station is no longer in use it’s a bit rundown. It’s not like the Gary, IN locations but still a bit rundown. When I first saw the location I was scouting it to use as an actual location. When I saw it I knew I couldn’t use it because I don’t have an art department. It was easier to turn an existing office into a police station than to turn an old police station into a working one. When I saw this place I thought it was so cool I needed to use it. So I rewrote a scene to take place there. Originally the scene took place in an alley but I think it is ten times better here. It can also be seen as a symbol for the character of Sam who goes through a bit of awakening as the skeptic cop. If you want to read into it. Otherwise it just works as a cool location.

The only thing is I’m not sure how I want the scene to look. I tried tinting it a slight blue. I know. Blue. Police station. How original. It’s evident in the picture. Not sure I’ll stick with it but I’ll worry about it later. I’m looking forward to editing this scene. Should be fun.

Time is starting to run out. Half the cast is basically moving away so I need to finish in the next couple of week. So I’m going to really shoot as much as I can. I would say there will be another ten days. So a lot needs to happen. And it will all be revealed here.


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