Day Twelve and The Beginning Of The End

I have entered the last few days of filming on ‘Distortion’. All prinicpal photography will end on the 24th. There will be some minor things I will be shooting on my own after that but all of the main scenes will be completed.

Last night we shot Jay’s death scene. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to shoot the darkness. There are many ways to do it. Have limited light. Light the whole thing and pull back on the exposure. Or just fill it with blue. The blue is so overused so … I went with the blue.

The blue of darkness.

The blue of darkness.

My friend Nicki let me use her apartment for the scene which helped a lot. It was nice to be in a familiar location. Both Jeff and Shon brought their a-game. So it was an easy night of shooting. I think we have a good scene too.It was my homage to a death scene in George Romero’s ‘Creepshow’. Hopefully it plays like an homage and not as a ripoff.

There are some major scenes left to shoot including all of the scenes that take place at George’s apartment which are basically the glue of the film. Those will be shot over the course of the next eight days in the evenings. Plus one long day doing all of the office scenes which is where the two characters George and Jay work.

The end is near but a lot is left to be done. If the rest goes as well as last night then it will be good. Let’s hope.

Shon as William scaring me into finishing production.


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