Day Twenty

Basically the last day where I shot a full scene is over. I have little insert shots to do and some minor things, like a newscast, and whatnot. As far as a full scene this was the last one.

What a view. Had to take advantage for some b-roll.

What a view. Had to take advantage for some b-roll.

The scene also marked the last scene with Shon. It was sad as he was always a real trooper. He didn’t have to show up. He was in the process of moving to LA and he still showed up to shoot one final scene. I could have shot around him but he didn’t want to. He wanted to make sure the film was done.

Mike’s friend Laurel stood in as the victim which is always hard to find. Luckily she was game for it. Most people don’t want to just be in a film to die. So it helped that she was ok with it.

Is someone there?

Is someone there?

Now I’m busy into editing. Still trying to get over my cold. I also am figuring out what to do as far as a teaser trailer goes. I am debating how much I want to show now. Until I have a rough cut of the entire film I won’t know exactly what I have as a whole. I want to wait to do the full trailer until after I have the rough cut. But for a teaser I can be pretty open. Although I want to do one that is more flash images. Literally a teaser trailer. One trailer I keep thinking about is the one for ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’, the Francis Ford Coppola film. You saw running blood and then flash images from the film. I don’t want to do that exactly but the idea of it as a teaser is what I would like to do. My plan is to have it done by Thanksgiving.

Chicago winters are rough and this one is hitting early. I am keeping an eye out for even a decent day to go shoot the last remaining exterior shots. I need some at dusk so I need to time it out right when I do decide. Also while I do the rough cut I can see if there is anything missing. An establishing shot of a location or something. Hopefully nothing with the actors as half the cast has already, or is in the process of, moving away.

So I can honestly say principal photography has rapped. While there are more things to shoot the main stuff is done. As I’ve said before I think the final shot on ‘Distortion’ will be me shooting a building or something. When I’m done I’ll say,”that’s a rap,” and I’ll clap to myself. It’s ok. The project started with me by myself and it’ll end that way. It’ll come full circle.


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  1. Not sure if you posted the link to this site before but I just saw it on your Myspace blog. I read through the whole thing. Interesting stuff.

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