I know I’m late in noticing something like this but the current version of Final Cut Pro has a plug-in called SmoothCam which when applied is supposed to smooth out a shaky shot. Granted this is dependent on what is in the shot. Unlike in other programs like After Effects where you choose what to use to record movement which can be used for either animation or for smoothing out a shot the SmoothCam does this automatically so all I had to do was apply it. However I think if you had a lot of things going on in the shot it may not work since there would be nothing for it to judge off of but I could be wrong. Anyway, as seen in the clip I put this to the test and was very impressed with the results. You can still see a slight shake but it’s a lot better than the original one.

While using my dolly at the police station it shook a lot because the floor was very bumpy. I loved the shot but was worried if using it would throw people out of the movie because they’d notice the bumpy shot. Now I think it’s usable. Gotta love technology.


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