Why So Serious?

“You can’t get so worked up about this.”

“I know. It’s just my nature.”

That’s right. I’m quoting my own film. Those are two lines from one scene and no doubt I was saying that about myself. I have a bad tendency to get worried over things that I shouldn’t worry about. Cautious is one thing but worry is another. Most of the time I get worked up over nothing. A good example is the running time. I have been worrying about the running time now for weeks. Why? Was there cause for concern? Yes. But worry? No.

Right now I am at one hour and eight minutes of edited footage with several scenes left to edit including the “finale”. Unless I am horribly wrong I am sure it’ll come out to more than twelve minutes. The question now is what the final time will be. I am sure there will be things I need to tighten up and whatnot which is good to know I can take stuff out and still have it be long enough. I also need to shoot some additional things. Now granted what is left may add up to a minute at most but still. For some stuff I am using insert shots so when I get the actual shots I can just insert them but that won’t affect the final time.

It’ll be interesting to watch it that first time fully assembled. My main concern right now is pacing. There are so many things that don’t work because they need either sound effects, music, or visual effects to “sell” what is happening. Someone bouncing off a wall almost looks comical. Add a bone crushing sound effect and now it’s painful. I know this but that is also why I can’t show anyone the film until I fill in some of those gaps. It’s hard to understand what is missing. That first screening though will be interesting for me. Right now I watch it in pieces as I’m editing  just to see how scenes play overall and how one scene goes into another. I must admit I think it plays pretty quickly. Again I won’t know until I sit down to watch the whole thing.

One thing I have done so far is move a few scenes around to different places than they originally were intended. So far I think it works. For example one scene works better earlier in the film because it’s still setting up the characters. Once you reach a certain point you need to get on with things so I think moving it was a plus.  But one scene does have one quick line that references something that hasn’t happened yet. It isn’t specific so I think it’s ok. Hopefully no one will notice.

Less than two weeks until 2009 hits. I am still aiming to get this cut done by the 31st. As I look outside and see the snow and the temperature reads -4 I am thinking that going out to waste time is not a factor. I just need to stay focused and it’ll be done. At that point I will know the running time. Then I can start worrying about the music. The music I have now is basically from other movies and I know I will not have such great music for my film. I need something to worry about. It’s just my nature.


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