A New Year But Same Goal

I hope everyone had a really great Christmas and New Year. 2009 has begun and there is much to be done on the film.

I didn’t reach my goal of having the first cut done by New Year’s but I came pretty close. I am currently editing the finale. Which in essence is the last 10 minutes. I’m at 80 minutes so the final running time should be around 90 minutes. The second cut will be interesting as there are already things I want to change or alter. Plus one scene I may take out completely. So in the end the film will probably be around 85 minutes. Which works for me.

There have been a few instances where I wish I had gotten a shot of this or a close up of that but overall I am amazed by how much coverage I got. I tend to be a coverage fanatic but time is always an issue. Luckily I got as much as I could and I’m still surprised I got as much as I did. It has made a huge difference. I have been able to control the pacing so well. And let me tell you that so far I think it flies. Which is not to say the film doesn’t slow down for things. It does. A lot of the character scenes I did put mainly into the first act to make sure the second half of the film moves well. That will be the big thing I’ll be looking for when I can finally watch the whole thing. How does it move? Working with full 1080 HD footage is taxing my system so I can’t watch the whole thing through on the computer. So when I finish the first cut I will be making a DVD of it and watch it. I’ll have my little note pad and make my little notes and then it’ll be off to the second cut.

Not so fast.

Actually the first thing I need to do is the second trailer. Or what I’m calling the extended teaser. If I want to submit it for approval to premiere at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention in March then I need to get it done in the next few weeks so I can get it to them. Plus I need to update the website because I want to get the film into the IMDb. Since this is a very small film without a distributor it is very hard to get listed unless you can prove the film is at least made. So if I add enough to the website to prove the film is actually shot and just in post then hopefully it’ll get added. That will help once I start talking to people. Plus with part of the cast already in LA it will help them as well.

Speaking of Fangoria, James Zahn wrote a really great piece on the film and added the teaser trailer to the website. It was a really nice surprise when he asked me if they could add the trailer but to write such a nice piece was really the highlight of the weekend.


On top of editing there is also the sound effects, music, visual effects, the shooting of additional footage, and more. So much more to do but hopefully my goal of fall of 2009 is still there to have the entire thing done. Although I did miss my first goal. Granted by a week but still.


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