First Cut Done


The timeline at 3:20AM.

The first cut of DISTORTION is done. With a final running time of approximately 91 or 92 minutes (remember my initial fear?). This will change as there are several things I know I want to do for the second cut and the possibility of one scene coming out. My first deleted scene?

It was 3:20AM when I finally gave the ending a once over to see if there was anything major I wanted to change. It’s odd as there are still things I need to shoot so I have a lot of filler shots. One of the main ones is the very last shot. So the ending is a bit odd as it doesn’t have the full impact without it. Unfortunately I can’t shoot it until it gets warmer here which most likely won’t be until April or May. I will be making a DVD of the film so I can watch the film from beginning to end on my normal TV to make my notes and see if it drags anywhere or if it moves too fast. My main concern is that the entire ending is too quick but I’ll see.

It will be strange as there are a lot of missing things and temporary shots. For example, all of the “visions” are not there. Two of them still need to be shot and the other ones need to be created. Since they are visions they are completely effects shots so they will be time consuming. Of course none of the effects shots are done yet. That too will help in some scenes. Plus the audio makes a big difference. I had one scene where someone gets thrown against a wall and it looked kind of silly. But once I added a quick thud sound effect it made a huge difference.

The music will make the biggest difference. So many scenes were a bit bland until I added music. Not bombastic music. Even just something subtle underneath. The problem of course is that right now I am using temp music for pacing and whatnot so it’s from other movies. Movies that had a heck of a lot of money for music and done by some of the greatest film composers around. Mine won’t be anywhere near it so that will be a huge challenge. How can I keep the feeling I have now but with music that will be nowhere near what I am using? Next to editing this first cut I am guessing the music will be the second longest aspect of post production.

Before I can revel in the fact that the first cut is done and I can see the spine of the film before me I do have other things to do. As much as I want to make the DVD to watch the film through I can’t forget I do have a deadline. If I want to get a trailer into the Weekend Of Horrors in March I need to get it to them this month. So I will be starting the new trailer now. It will be my main concentration over the next week or so. That one will be made up of footage. Not just glimpses like in the teaser.

Much left to do but the first major step is done.


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