First Cut Watched

Last night I was able to watch the film. Not wanting to stare at a computer screen for an hour and a half I converted the film so I could burn it to a DVD. I wanted to watch it in my home theatre so it can be like any other film I watch at home. I have a projector (albeit one that is slowly dying and doesn’t exactly spit out blue anymore) so I was able to watch it on my wall. A nice big image. The sound isn’t really mixed so I didn’t watch it in 5.1. Just an overamped stereo.

First thing is it moves. I can’t imagine anyone watching it and thinking it’s slow. If so then I hate to see what they consider fast. The film feels a lot less than the 92 minutes runtime. There lies a problem. If it feels too short then are things not sinking in like they should? Now granted I know the film backwards and forwards so a lot of it is hard for me to look at objectively. I also feel like there is something missing. The film feels like it builds and builds and then it’s at the end. I can’t help but wonder if the big chase scene that I never shot is what’s missing. That was supposed to be a major action scene which would have helped deflate some things so the audience can settle in for the finale. Without it I can’t help but feel like the film is in one way incomplete. Now granted that may be me. I know the script and what was supposed to go where so I may be basing it on that.

I think the parts that have yet to be completed make a difference too. Without having the “visions” in there and a few other things it does feel incomplete. For the second cut I want to have rough versions of the visions in there. And the music jumps a bit but that’s because I’m using temp music. Once the music is actually scored to the film that will help. It may also make me rethink certain scenes on how they play out.

I think this was because of the compression but I noticed the film looked a tad too dark and a little soft. Now granted going from 1080 HD to 480 SD is going to take away the detail of high definition. But I wonder if some of the filler shots (I was using TV snow for filler during the vision scenes) was messing things up. Similar to what was happening when I was compressing the original teaser trailer. It’s compensating for the snow which then makes everything around it softer. Something to think about. And again the darkness issue I need to play with. Right now I have a temp color correction so it’s possible I made everything too dark. I wanted to crush the blacks because it wanted those harsh shadows and it helps bring the noise level down. Some scenes look great. A few even look better than I expected. But some do look way too dark. One of which I’m not sure you can tell what the heck happened.

So much left to do. Feedback will definitely be needed. Once I get through the second cut I will show it to a few close friends to see what they think. First I need to work on the second trailer. I do have a bit of a time restaint on that so that is next. It also gives me some time away. I’ll go back and watch the film in a week or so and see what I think then. Maybe a little distance will help.


One Response to “First Cut Watched”

  1. How close are you to having the second cut done?

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