Now On IMDb

‘Distortion’ is now officially on the Internet Movie Database which you can see here. I was hoping they would add it but it can be hard to prove your film actually exists before it’s shown somewhere. This is a huge plus for the film as when you start talking about your film to people one of the first things they do is go look on IMDb about you and the film. There is a lot of information that isn’t there but I think it’s an ongoing thing. Right now it’s just basic information so hopefully some of the extra things can be added but I am just so thrilled to have it on there.

The trailer was shipped out and should arrive at the Fangoria offices this week. Not sure on the process but I should know within the next few weeks if it’ll be in the trailer line up at the Weekend of Horrors in March. That will be the first time anything of the film will be before an audience so it’s both exciting and nerveracking. I have this dreadful feeling the trailer will end and there will be either utter silence or the echoing clapping from the three friends that will be there as everyone else just sits there.

Right now I’m working on some work related projects and am already getting ieas for the second cut of the film which I want to do very soon. I have some ideas on how to add some spice to the ending which needs it. Then it’ll be onto the music which I’m looking forward to.


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