Need More Coffee

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I have been working on different things. I had some work come up and some favors I needed to deliver on. I’m also working on a new reel. I realized my last one was from almost three years ago and doesn’t feature any of the HD work I’ve done. Between the Loyola shoots and the film I knew I needed to do a new reel.

‘Distortion’ is in its second cut. A few tweaks here and there. Also I am working on the ending. Soon I will be starting on some of the visual effects and start planning the remaining things that need to be shot. Considering it just snowed here those won’t be for a few more months. I’ll also be starting work on the music. That will make a huge difference. One scene specifically I want to recut without the temp music and instead think of a completely different approach to how it should be.

This weekend the second trailer for ‘Distortion’ will be premiering at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors here in Chicago. Not sure if it’ll be shown all three days in the trailer line up but even if it’s only shown once that will be great. I can’t wait for this weekend. Should be a fun time but to actually be there this time with the film to talk about will be amazing. I will be posting it online after the weekend. I’m also going to try and get it posted on Fangoria’s website along the teaser. But at the very least it will be online for people to see on You Tube, MySpace, and of course at

I’m not sure what the future holds. I’m not sure what the film will do for me. Either way I won’t let it stop. I have two new ideas for films if I need to make another one in the same way I made ‘Distortion’. Whatever lies ahead I’ll be ready.


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