New Trailer and the Weekend Of Horrors

The first full trailer for ‘Distortion’ premiered last weekend at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. They were nice enough to not only include the trailer in their lineup but to show it all three days of the convention. And on top of that I was brought up to introduce it. I was not ready the first day but Saturday and Sunday I think I did a decent job. I don’t get that nervous in front of crowds anymore so it wasn’t that. I just wasn’t expecting it on Friday. More like being caught with my pants down. Luckily they weren’t.

On top of that the trailer is posted on the Fangoria website with a very nice piece. Big thanks to Tony Timpone and James Zahn. This was quite something to actually see something I did between those two giant Fangoria banners at a Weekend of Horrors. A long way since I went to my first Fangoria convention back in 1991.

Here’s the piece on the Fangoria website:

The trailer you can see in Quicktime on the ‘Distortion’ website or by checking out the YouTube version below. Be sure to click the HD tab.

On top of all of the amazing people I got to meet at the convention it was really a pleasure to meet actor Tom Towles who first freaked me out playing Otis in ‘Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer’. I’ve been a fan ever since so it was great to meet him. I gave him a copy of the trailer as a pledge on my end that whenever I have the means I would love to work with him. That day can’t get here soon enough.

Richard with Tom Towles.

Richard with Tom Towles.

I’ve met George A. Romero four times in my life. He is one of the filmmakers who inspired me to make movies so each time has been something special. This past time though I was able to clearly articulate that and also gave him a copy of my trailer letting him know it was because of him I was able to make the film. In one of those moments where your heart stops for a beat when he asked if my contact information was on there. Now, I doubt I would hear from him but the fact that he took a moment to check was something so amazing I cannot possibly describe it. I had he and Tom Savini sign my original poster for ‘Martin’. An amazing film that you should see if you haven’t.

An incredible weekend and one that I will remember forever. Except for the headache I got on Saturday. Lousy headache.


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