That Is One Damn Fine Coat You’re Wearing

A little update. I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile. As we get closer to May I will be planning the additional stuff to be shot for ‘Distortion’. One thing will be some extra things I am adding to the ending. As I said before, since I wasn’t able to shoot the infamous chase scene the ending felt very anti-climactic. I tried to think of something I could do. Since most of my lead actors no longer live in Chicago shooting extra bits with them is not an option. But instead I came up with something I can add to the ending that will happen during the ending. It will be a bit CGI heavy which worries me a little as bad CGI can take you out of a film so I need to be careful. However, if it works then I think it’ll really be very cool and make it feel slightly more epic too.

On a side note, as is evident in the behind the scenes pictures (luckily I’m not in too many of them)  I am much heavier than I was when I started this whole thing. I did put on a lot of weight over the last year and a half. I had reached my breaking point not only with how I felt about myself but also from medical issues that were arising so I went on a long overdo diet. After one week I am two and a half pounds lighter. I’m hoping by Memorial Day I’ll be around 10 pounds lighter. So by the time the film is done in the fall maybe I’ll be at my ideal weight.

And if anyone is wondering what the title of the post means it’s a line from Sin City. I got the Blu-ray of it yesterday and watched it last night. The transfer is amazing. I hadn’t seen the film in over a year and had forgotten how great it is. Highly recommended.


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