Don’t Break The Plate

A small update today.

Last week I shot some background plates for some visual effects shots that will be added to the film. I keep forgetting that some of the things I do may not make sense to other people without explanations. I was asked what I was doing and my response was,”I’m shooting some plates.” Well, needless to say the reaction is one of confusion.

There is much to be shot this summer for the film. Most of it is very simple establishing shots and POV shots like from a car. But there are a few effects sequences that need to be shot plus two “visions” which will involve actors. Plus some reaction shots of people in the street. I’m hoping to get a lot of friends in there for cameos for those shots. A lot of post production will be done as well going from visual effects to additional editing to music and sound effects. The music I already have sort of figured out. That will take a lot of time because music can make or break a movie. The visual effects will take time but are sort of on hold for a bit. One key element I need for some of the effects is a powerful particle generator. One great one for After Effects is called Particular from Trapcode. The second version of it is do out this summer. Not sure on everything that will be updated but it’s worth waiting for.

One thing I also need to shoot is of a newscast. The more I thought about it I think it may be where my little cameo comes in. I have a few ideas how to make it a little fun. Details for that though will have to wait.

Still much to do but it should be a fun time. And once it’s done expect a new trailer to really show off the final film.


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