Wait Five Minutes

Don’t like the weather in Chicago? Wait five minutes.

I know several cities use that same joke. I’d say it’s true in a lot of places. But Chicago is odd. There is no real consistency. I’ve lived here for 24 years and it’s been the same way. One year is different than the next. And June is always an odd month. Today is June 11th and it’s cold and rainy. But tomorrow could be hot and sunny.

My point about the weather isn’t about ranting about it. Well, maybe a little. I have decided to push back the additional shooting until next month. Mainly because there is more consitency in the weather. Worse case scenario is I have to deal with rain. So July will be a very busy month. What it does give me though is time to go through and really make sure I know everything I want to shoot still. Also, it’s giving me more time to work on the visual effects as I posted previously. While a lot still needs to be done it is opening up possibilities. I also am rethinking some of the color ideas for the it when it comes to color correction. Of course music is playing a key part. The scenes that are basically done, outside of sound effects and color correction, will be scored sooner than later.

Also, there is a short film I may be shooting soon at the old police station I shot part of ‘Distortion’ at. More details on that coming soon.


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