A Lovely Melody

A post long overdo. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but things are getting done. In fact, after this week I will be putting all of my time towards getting ‘Distortion’ done. At the very least get it ready for the Sundance Festival deadline. There is a lot to get done with every aspect. There is more editing to do and even more shooting. A few more b-roll shots still need to be done. Weather has been iffy with a lot of rain lately but I think this weekend might work. Plus the visual effects need to be finalized and of course sound effects and music.

Deneen taking the shortcut.

Deneen taking the shortcut.

The last full scene I needed to shoot was done a few weeks ago with actress Deneen Melody. We were fighting the rain and light, although I needed it to be dark, but she was a real trooper. I only wish I had more for her to do to show off how talented she is. While it was strange shooting a scene almost a year later it was great to do it with someone who loves to act. It made it a great experience.

So much left to do and time is slipping away. I will try and post everything I can as I go along even if it’s quick to document the process.


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