Bloody Digital

So much work to do and time is running out. Although I think a definite deadline might have been what I needed. Does kick you in the rear to get you going.

While I go through the film and tighten up shots, add new ones, work on the sound design and music, I’m also doing some of the “simpler” effects. The ending is a whole monster I plan to spend as many days on as I can. But for the other stuff it’s fairly simple. Mainly time consuming as everything in visual effects is. Some things I’m adding that I originally didn’t intend. One is some added gore. While I was aiming for the violence to be more suggestive I do know that sometimes a little more is needed. I’m kind of the mindset that either I tone down the violence or go all out with it. In this case I decided to tone it back some. But one early scene called to be more graphic. I think it helps set up how dangerous the character of William is.

The shot itself is extremely fast. I mean literally frames. The sound effect is what sold it. But I wanted just a little something extra to go along with the sound effect before it cuts away. Since I’m talking literally less than 10 frames I knew that it didn’t need to look 100% accurate. It was too fast. It just needed to work in that moment.

The still shot is a little dark and hard to see. The original you can see better but again it’s very fast.

Face smash with digitally added blood.

Face smash with digitally added blood.

While I feel the effect works I did forget one small thing. Shortly after another character runs by that wall. I figured it didn’t matter but watching it through my first thought was where’s the blood on the wall? If I had that thought then I know the audience will too. So I had to find a way to put the blood there. Once again the shot moves by very quickly. The blood is only there for maybe a second. However I needed to show it. Since it’s a moving shot (both panning with the character and handheld) I was not able to motion track the shot. There was nothing I could use. Instead of trying to do multiple tracking I decided to give it the ol’ college try and go frame by frame adjusting the blood on the wall by eye. I also had to matte out the blood as the character supposedely runs in front of it. Even though technically the blood is on top of the frame. So I also had to go frame by frame and rotoscope the character so the blood disappears as he runs in front of it. Surprisingly the effect works. If you go frame by frame there are about three frames where the matte isn’t 100%. Couldn’t quite get it perfect. But when watching it normally I was stunned to see how well it looked. It looks like the blood is there. As if we shot it on the day that way.

Blood ont he wall added digitally.

Blood ont he wall added digitally.

Blood on the wall added digitally.

Blood on the wall added digitally.

I’m not going to tinker with it. If it’s working I’m going to leave it. Too many other shots to do. By the way, these were done in Adobe After Effects (I’m using version 7.0 too – a good two versions behind the current version) and the blood effects were taken from Video‘s fantastic set Action Essentials 2. The website is such an amazing resource. Without a doubt a lot of these things I’m doing are in great thanks to what I’ve learned on that website.

Now back to work.


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  1. Keep up the good work sir.

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