Day Of Reckoning?

Today is the last day to work on the film before submitting it to Sundance. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to compress and convert the film and put it on a DVD. When I did that before I think it took something like 8 hours alone to convert it. I need to leave a day open to make the DVD and test it.

So funny how it’s come down to the very last minute. Kind of nice working on a deadline however. My main regret is that I will have to submit an unfinished version. They let you but I only wanted it to not have a final sound mix or something. However, some of the digital effects won’t be finalized. A few will be a little rough. I figure if they are rough but not bad and the intention is there then I’m good. Also I will have to leave some of the temp music in. Some of it I think is ok because it’s not noticeable unless you really know the David Fincher film ‘Zodiac‘ really well. However, there is music that is much more noticeable (like music from ‘The Dark Knight‘) which I think would standout. I will be replacing all music that is recognizable.

I’ll send a very brief letter along with my submission just quickly stating this. The film will be done by November but I don’t want to have to rush through the digital effects and music. If I can leave those a little rough and have time to really finalize them then that will be good. And I don’t think this is the deal breaker. If they don’t like the film then it won’t be because a visual effects matte I have is shifting slightly.

My main concentration today will be the ending. It’s the one thing that isn’t fully working for me. It’s very anticlimactic at the moment and I think what I am adding will make a huge difference. I’m just not sure I can do it successfully in so little time. But it’s my main goal even if I’m up all night on it. If I save the ending I save the film. At least in my eyes. Hopefully in the eyes of Sundance as well.

William roaring before digital effect added.

William roaring before digital effect added.

William roaring after the digital effect is added.

William roaring after the digital effect is added.


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