And Off It Went

Yesterday I mailed out the film to the Sundance Film Festival for consideration. It arrived in their offices this morning so now it’s all in their hands. In more ways than one.

The film is still in rough form. The visual effects are not finalized. Some of them are close. Just a little tweaking and they’ll be done. But the ending effects are in very rough form. In fact, one major effect is in animatic form. I was hoping I could have those closer to being done but it just wasn’t possible. The sound effects aren’t all there either. Most are sort of there. Maybe not the actual sound effect but a sound effect so that it’s not silent. The music is not completed. A few spots have some early versions of the score but mostly it has temp music. Temp music most of the time is music from other movies so that you can get a sense of how music will play its role in a certain scene. I did take out most of the music I thought was obvious because I felt it was distracting. The music from ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Batman Begins’ I thought was too obvious and it would even pull me out. Although I did leave one piece of music from ‘Batman Begins’. I left in or replaced music that was not as obvious. Unfortunately it’s still temp music and not scored to the film so while it worked in some places it doesn’t in others. In fact, the ending, as if the rough visual effects and a few missing shots wasn’t enough, doesn’t work with the temp music. It works in spots but some of the key moments it doesn’t work at all. I didn’t have time to go through every piece of music I have to find something that worked and that wasn’t recognizable. I hope it doesn’t take away from the film. Since all of these elements are not completed yet I also don’t have a sound mix so the audio is a bit all over the place. Some scenes are louder than others for example.

All part of the process.

While I got the film “Sundance ready” as I was calling it it’s still not done. If by the off chance it gets accepted then I will need to give them a final version to show. However, even if it doesn’t get accepted I want the film to be ready to be shown anywhere. I’m still set to have the film completed in the next month. I’d say the score might be the only thing that might take longer than expected. Worst case scenario it will be done by Thanksgiving. That will be a great moment when I know the film is done and ready to be shown anywhere. I can hope Sundance but we shall see.

Right now I’m taking a day to do nothing. Then I need to jump back into the short film to finish up. Then it’s back full on to getting ‘Distortion’ done. I’m already planning, depending on weather, to shoot some estasblishing and (visual effects) plate shots on Sunday. I’ll also be cutting a new trailer soon. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I cut the last one. If I remember correctly I cut it last January to be shown at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Chicago. The new trailer will have a lot of the new stuff in it as well. That should be fun.

I feel like the next step in my dream to be a filmmaker has been reached. Many steps have been accomplished with many more to come. Having shot the film and close to having it done is one. Submitting it to Sundance is a big one. Of course if it got accepted that would be a huge one. Don’t want to get my hopes up though. Better to concentrate on finishing what is left.


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