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No More Exterior?

Posted in Production with tags , , , , , , , on October 21, 2009 by Richard Diaz

A lot of work going on. I keep getting asked about the Sundance submission. I won’t know for another month. I believe the latest they let you know is the beginning of December. For those of you crossing your fingers I really do appreciate it. I can use all the luck I can get.

Still working on getting the film 100% completed. Working on the music especially. I think some of it will work really well. Other parts are proving to be a little more difficult. I welcome the challenge though. If I can I will post samples in the coming weeks.

Buckingham Fountain.

Still shooting parts of the film. Hard to believe I know. Mainly insert shots, establishing shots, and background plates (for some of the visual effects). There is one mini montage that I shot some extra shots for as well. I tried to take advantage of this time of year with the leaves changing. Although it’s not as colorful as it was last year.

The Lincoln statue at Grant Park.

I hope I shot everything I needed for the ending. It was hard to tell since the extra shots aren’t really specific and there is no way to plan. I can’t shut down Michigan Ave. (aka The Magnificent Mile) so I just have to shoot it as is and then add my magical touch. That’s code word for post production meddling and CGI. I really hope it works. I think it will add something extra to the ending that will really make it more exciting.

The Magnificent Mile ... before I add a little something to it.

Assuming I don’t need to shoot anything extra for the ending I believe this may mark the end to the exterior shots. I have a few insert shots and a newscast to shoot (both of which I can shoot indoors in my apartment) but that should be a rap on all exterior shots for the film. So hooray for that!

Establishing shot during the day.

Same shot at night.

Same shot at night.

On a side note, depending on what happens with Sundance and a few other things (ie, some upcoming work for income) I may actually make another film this summer. If this happens it will be made the same way. No crew and very low budget. I am debating between two script ideas. The main difference though is I will be planning on finishing this one very quickly. I’ll decide in January which script idea I want to invest my time in and which speaks to me the most at that moment and then plunge ahead. I will be using actors I know so casting will be minimal. I also want to shoot it in a very short time period and have it done, hopefully, in time to submit it to next year’s Sundance in September. Again, this is tentative and many factors will come into play. More news on that in the coming months.

Anyway, enough about the next film. I still need to finish this one. Back to work.

The original Water Tower.