No Sundance

Richard between scenes on the set of Distortion.

It is official. I got the letter from Sundance saying that ‘Distortion’ was not accepted. I kind of figured it wasn’t going to be. I think it was still a little too rough in form. Having watched it again recently I could see that. I knew what was going on in certain spots but it’s hard to ask others to when all you have is a title card as filler. I had to submit it though. Otherwise I would have had to wait another year to submit it and not be able to submit it elsewhere. Once you lose that world premiere status it is very hard to get into one of the more notable festivals.

I have no grudge or ill will. In fact, it encourages me to know that I really think the next film, ‘Killer Talk‘, will be something they will be interested in.

Now I don’t need to hurry with the remaining bits to do on the film. Especially the music. I felt like I was rushing it. I can take a little more time to put into it. Then I can submit it to other festivals. There are a lot of good ones out there. Can’t wait to get started.

No Sundance this year but I think next year I could have a shot.


3 Responses to “No Sundance”

  1. Sorry man.

  2. Fuck ’em….until they accept your next movie

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