Meeting An Inspiration

When I was in film school there were two things that oocured which had a huge impact on me. As the end of my school years came to an end I started realizing that my dream of becoming a filmmaker was no closer than it was when I started film school. Sure I learned a few things but specifically I did not know how to get a film off the ground. I started getting scared and wondered what the future held for me. That is, before two things happened.

I have written about reading Robert Rodriguez’s book “Rebel Without A Crew” and how that was a major influence on me to go out and make my own film. But before that happened I needed a certain spark which came from a commentary track off a laserdisc. Still one of my favorites to this very day, the commentary track to William Lustig’s film ‘Manaic’ featuring himself, Tom Savini, Luke Walter, and Lorenzo Marinelli is just so entertaining and informative on how the film was made on a shoestring with so many “stealing the shots” moments. I started to see that I could make my own film. I was looking at things as what I did not have instead of what I did have. Once I started to see the things I did have access to then everything changed for me.

This past weekend I got to go to a screening of ‘Manaic’ on the big screen and finally got the chance to meet director William Lustig and I could not have been more excited or more thrilled. I tried not to become too much of a fan boy as I explained how much he and his film influenced and helped me. It’s hard in general to explain to someone how much they did have an impact on you. I gave him a copy of ‘Distortion’ as a way of saying thank you. He is one of the reasons why I was able to make my film for only $3.000. But also, why I was even making my film to begin with.

Thank you Bill.

Me with filmmaker William Lustig.


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