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A Little Update

Posted in PreProduction with tags , , on September 17, 2008 by Richard Diaz

I’m getting ready for a very long shooting day. We’re shooting at an office which will double as the police station. The following weekend I plan on using the same office as an office. I will be shooting in different areas so hopefully it won’t be obvious. So all of those scenes (around 4 total) will be shot on Sunday. Then Sunday evening I’m shooting a scene at the restaurant. That’ll be around 2am. So come Monday I’ll be dead.

Then Wednesday we’re shooting at the actual police station. That’ll be a bit like Gary, IN in that it’s basically a long chase scene. Some of it will be lit and some of it will be as is.

I’m aiming to get as much done in the next three weeks. Hopefully I’ll have most of it done by then with some stuff left with Brenden. If everything goes right I want to be done with everything before the end of October. That includes small stuff too. But in the meantime there is a lot to do.


Scouting The Police Station

Posted in PreProduction with tags , , , , on August 20, 2008 by Richard Diaz

Went on a scout of an old police station today. There was another crew shooting their film so I was able to get in and look around. It’s pretty worn down so I’m not sure if it’ll work for what I actually need for the police station but I’m thinking of rewriting another scene to take place there. It’s a cool location.

Here are a few pictures from the scout.

One Day To Go

Posted in PreProduction with tags on July 17, 2008 by Richard Diaz

Tomorrow is the big day. I think everything is in line. I’ll be contacting everyone to make sure they have everything they need. I’ll visualize the scenes a few times to get an idea of the look and feel. See if there is anything I want to add. A line or something. Granted I’ll probably do that tomorrow but I’ll see if anything jumps out now. I need to charge one more battery for the camera although I’m sure I’ll be fine but I don’t want to take any chances. I’ll go through all of the equipment to see if I have everything. I’ll get it all packed up so in the morning all I have to do is load up the car and go.

I’m still not sure what to do about Sunday. Because it’s outside so I need to consider the weather. So far it’s:

Sunday…Considerable cloudiness with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80s.

Sunday Night…Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 60s.

So I have no idea. I’m still planning on shooting. Hopefully I won’t have to reschedule because then I would have been able to shoot with all of my leads. Momentum is starting so I want to keep it going.

Two Days Away

Posted in PreProduction on July 16, 2008 by Richard Diaz

Two days away from shooting the first scene. I keep going over the scene in my head to make sure I know how to shoot it. You want to make sure when you get on set that you know what you want. You can still try things and rethink something but there should also be a basic idea. Luckily it’s a dialogue scene and I let actors handle those. I just shoot basic coverage on those for editing purposes but I don’t get too fancy with the camera with simple scenes. That’s why I cast the right actors.

The only other thing will be lighting. I’m thinking pretty simple lighting but I do want it too look good. To look cinematic. I need to avoid spending too much time on lighting though. For a lot of these scenes, especially on location, I don’t want too much time spent on things. An even amount of time but I don’t want to have to rush through the actual shooting. If it looks a little flat but the actors are giving me gold then I can deal with the flat lighting.

I still need to get Shon’s costume. Nothing fancy. Literally a dark shirt and pants. It must almost be boring. I have an idea in my mind but we still need to get it. Hopefully we’ll find something tomorrow. We only shoot the first scene with him on Sunday.

Almost there.

Friday Is The Day

Posted in PreProduction with tags on July 16, 2008 by Richard Diaz

This Friday marks the official start of production. It’s odd to think after all of this time that it is time to start shooting. The first two things being shot are simple scenes which should be a nice way for all of us to ease into the process. I admit that I am nervous and you do start to doubt yourself. It’s easy to sit around talking but when it’s time to prove yourself you need to see if you’re more than just talk.

A shot of the pub that will be used in many scenes.

Two guys I don't know acting as my actors.