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Who Ordered The Ham

Posted in Post Production, Production with tags , , , on February 15, 2010 by Richard Diaz

It’s hard to believe I am days away from having to mail out the film and I’m still shooting stuff for it. While working on the music I got to one scene where a character reacts to a newscast on the TV. It’s basically seen briefly but mainly just heard. Unfortunately right now he reacts to a blank TV with the title card “INSERT NEWSCAST”. I even gave myself the note but it didn’t click no matter how many times I watched it. When you’re concentrating on so much it is easy to let certain things slip by. Plus I had seen it so many times I think I got used to just seeing the title.

Originally I was going to have an actor play an anchor. That was all fine and dandy like a year ago. Right now it wasn’t an option. Instead I figured I would do it myself. Slap the green screen up so I can insert the background and graphics and just do it. Since I was doing it I debated whether to make it just a bland reading of a news piece or to ham it up a little and instead be a commentator. If you know me then you know I opted for the ham (which is ironic because I actually don’t like to eat ham). So I got gussied up and rewrote the lines for it and set it up. A little hard to light yourself but I think it worked out ok. It’ll look better once all of the graphics are put in.

So I managed to get in my cameo. I wanted to do one but with everything else going on it wasn’t possible. Now I got myself in there. My Hitchcock type of cameo is complete.

Your humble director hamming it up in the newscast.