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Goodbye Old Friend

Posted in misc with tags , , , , , on December 7, 2010 by Richard Diaz

The HVX on the set of ‘Distortion’.

As I wrote recently over at the ‘Dark Light’ blog I bought a new camera. The Panasonic HPX170 which is similar to my last camera the Panasonic HVX200. Almost like an updated version. It has some newer features and a new chip set. I was selling my old camera and luckily found someone interested.

As I packed up the old HVX200 I started getting a little sad. It was my first HD camera. My first P2 camera. I have had it for four years. I was lucky enough to get it right when it came out. I was among the first people to purchase it. Within that time I shot everything with it including commercials, promotional videos, short films, promotional trailers, and of course my first feature film. Let me tell you this little guy was put through the wringer and came out a winner every time. This camera helped me bring several dreams to light.

I know it might seem odd to get a little emotional about an object but it’s more what it represents. Projects which mean a lot to me personally. I am glad it is going to someone who is excited to use it to start making his own projects. I just hope it continues to make dreams happen for others as it did for me.

Goodbye old friend.