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New Interview

Posted in promotion with tags , , , , on December 15, 2010 by Richard Diaz

There is a new interview with me over at (re)search my Head on over and check it out as it is one of my favorites. I talk about ‘Dark Light’, ‘Distortion’, and several other projects.

You can check it out HERE


Dread Central Piece And New Trailer

Posted in promotion with tags , , , on March 24, 2010 by Richard Diaz

Today is the day. The new trailer is online and ready for everyone to see it. I’ll be posting it on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, the official website soon but today it is premiering on Dread Central and I could not be more excited!

This is a special thing on so many levels. To have your film mentioned in any way on a site like Dread Central is cause for celebration. It’s one of the main horror film sites in the world. It’s also special because Steve (aka Uncle Creepy) and I have known each other for years and to have him be the one to do the article made it even more special. Way back on the old Fangoria message boards (2002?) he was a moderator and I was a fan. He eventually moved on to another website (which shall remain nameless) and then finally ending up at Dread Central. I went with him to each of these places because he has been so nice to me over the years. Plus how can you not be around a guy that loves horror movies that much? The only downside is we’ve never met in person. So one day I want to be able to personally thank him for everything.

Here is the link to the article with the new trailer:

I think this trailer works better than the last two. It also has the benefit of having all of the new stuff included (the last trailer was done in January of 2009!). It’s much tighter and I think it works. Maybe too well. I hope it doesn’t make the movie look better than it is. Er … um … hm.

Thanks again to Steve for this. Many more things are in the works but they deserve their own posts.

Much more to be done. I created the test DVD last night and watched the film (at 3am!) and it looked and sounded great. A few areas I want to add some sound effects to cover some dead space and a few audio levels I want to tweak but it’s stuff I’ll worry about later. Not anything I’m going to let hold back the film. It’s time to get it out there. Two more festivals to submit to this week with one more in the next few weeks. Plus I should start hearing back from Cannes soon (gulp). Also I’m getting back to work on the new film. A lot to do but I need to do it. If I don’t who will? No one is going to make my career. If I’m going to have one I need to keep working at it. I may complain sometimes about being a bit tired but I have the energy to keep going. As I said in the previous post there is a young boy in me that has had a dream for so long. I am not going to let him down.

As a friend said I am one busy little bee. Actually I think it was busy wittle bee which sounds much cuter.

A New Direction

Posted in Post Production with tags , , , , , on February 3, 2010 by Richard Diaz

A close up of my mighty keyboard.

Some of you may remember a previous post (located here) where I talked about the music for the film. I decided at the time to go with a more synthesizer based score. I love synth scores and I have many in my soundtrack collection from all kinds of very talented musicians (some of them I listed in that previous post). Slight problem. The movie did not sync too well to the synth.

Some of the suspenseful scenes worked well. Afterall, sometimes all you need is a simple bass like sound to get the creeps going. Unfortunately it ended there. It wasn’t working and I knew it. I just couldn’t go back to the more orchestral score using samples. It was very taxing on my system (leading to several program crashes) and if it sounds bad it sounds really bad. But when it sounds good it sounds really good. Also means the score was going to be harder as I could not take short cuts with an orchestral sounding score. The film though called for it. I did some tests a long time ago but this time I went back and did another test. It worked. It worked too well. One thing I am doing is forcing myself to keep it simple. Not just for the sake of my computer crashing but also because music not being my main talent I know the simpler I keep it the more likely I will remain within my range. One scene specifically I wrote to be slightly tragic. The synth score made it scary but I lost a little of the tragic. The strings I added made the scene tragic for me again and I was sold. The fact that my original emotional intent was there means while it may be a harder route to go (much like the road less traveled I mentioned in the last post) it is the one that my film requires. I have not come this far to let a key part of the film be inferior and therefore make the film as a whole suffer. Now granted as of this writing some of the harder music scenes I haven’t gotten to yet. I may write another post lamenting the fact that I made this decision. But I doubt it. If anything I love a good challenge. Especially a creative one.

The next round of festival deadlines is quickly approaching so I have no time to debate things. This is how I am going and it may kill me but it is worth it. Not to say I won’t use a little synth here and there. Afterall, I can’t deny using the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Happy New Year

Posted in Post Production with tags , , , , , on December 31, 2009 by Richard Diaz

2010 is almost here. Such an odd year this past one has been. In many ways I am happy to see it go. Much potential for the new year. Two key things are the finishing of ‘Distortion’ and the making of a new film ‘Killer Talk’.

I was hoping to finish ‘Distortion’ this year but one thing led to another and I was delayed several times. Since I am alone on this I can’t pass work off to someone else. So if I’m not working on it then it sits there until I get to it again. Between regular work and some other projects my time has been filled lately. I don’t want to work on it just little bits at a time. It needs my full concentration. One that I will be giving it in January. I am currently finishing up some odds and ends and then I am in full ‘Distortion’ mode. Ironically probably about where I was last January. There are some key film festivals I want to submit it to next so I need to get the film done soon if I want to submit it to them which I really do.

I admit after the Sundance rejection I was actually a little more depressed by it than I originally thought. So I needed a bit of a break from it all. Luckily in the meantime a lot of ideas have hit regarding music and the ending. The two things left to finish. I think the ending may work now which I had doubts of before. While certain pieces of music will be a little hard to tackle I do have new ideas for certain scenes which I am very happy about.

The last push to get the film finally finished is almost here. Just another day or two to take care of other things and then off I go. Locking myself in the attic. Ok. Not exactly but you get the point. I need to get it done not just so I can put the film behind me and then move forward with the festivals but also because I need to get started on the script for the new film. While part of the plan for the new film is to do it quickly and not overly think things. Go on pure gut instinct and just keep moving I still don’t want to rush too much through the writing process. I need to allow for a couple of rewrites.

The new year is going to be an interesting one for me. Also one that may in fact be one of the most important years of my life. Several things need to be decided and what happens with both of these films will affect those decisions.

Here’s to 2010. The year when something will happen either good or bad. I’m hoping for the good.

November Update

Posted in Post Production, promotion with tags , , , , , , on November 28, 2009 by Richard Diaz

I know I haven’t written anything in about a month. Many things have been going on. First off, I hope everyone had a really happy Thanksgiving. I know I have much to be thankful for.

On the downside post production has been a little scattered but it’s ok as it helped lead to not only some good ideas for music but also the initial planning stages for a big announcement. Before I get to that …

The short film I co-directed and produced, ‘The Interrogation’, is completed which is where some of the time has gone. I wanted to make sure it was done before I moved on from it. Pretty soon we’ll be submitting it to festivals. More information on that coming soon.

Shot from 'The Interrogation'.

Post production is almost done on ‘Distortion’. A few visual effects left to finalize and the music is being completed. Then it will actually be done. Or at least festival ready. I’m sure there will be things I’ll want to tweak but overall it will be done. Hopefully the next post will be the official announcement that it is 100% completed.

Speaking of announcements. I did decide on the next film. Granted many things may happen which could come into play which would delay this but barring that I will make another film summer of 2010 called ‘Killer Talk‘. Unlike ‘Distortion’ which was a very complicated film on several levels this one will be done very quickly and easily. Although I say that loosely since making a film is never easy. However, the new film doesn’t have any visual effects or overly complicated sequences. It’s more of a character based thriller. So it’s mainly finding the right actors. I plan on writing the script very quickly and then start shooting. My goal is to have it done to submit to Sundance next fall. I won’t be stopping for anything. I’ll just go off of instinct and my gut. That’s why I won’t spend two years writing the script or a year in post production. So quickly that I have to go with my first thought and not spend forever debating over every little thing. Should be interesting on every level. If it works I think it will be the best thing I’ve done. If it fails then I know I shouldn’t go off my gut feelings. heh

Here is a quick teaser poster I put together.

Killer Talk Teaser Poster

No more long breaks between posts. I will be updating regularly. And at some point this will become the blog of ‘Killer Talk‘.